Conedog Apologizes for Offending French 

The Coming End of the Mean Man Malloy!

Conedog had it coming. First he fired me, then he offended the entire state of Quebec! I mean realy connie! What were you thinking. What are you, some kind of FLQ hating, separatist loving, French hating guy guy?

I love it! You should never have fired me. I could have saved your ass. I could still save your ass. Hire me back. Now or never buddy, now or never!


Google Search: marketing 

Google Search: marketing

It's not that I'm trying to bring down the dog, I'm just trying to level off the playing field. Mr. Harvard grad has a chip on his shoulder and I guess I'm the dip.

Dippity Do Do buddy!

I'm still depressed but my anger that turned to sadness that became depression has now mellowed into solemn disregard for my own personal safety and hygiene. It's corn chips all over again.

Conan, I will return.

Conan, I will get my job back.

Conan, I will hunt you down and tell you one final joke.

Conan, I will take ownership over the characters I created including but not limited to that dog and the bear.

The bear. I mean really Conan. Hasn't the bear come and gone and hasn't the dog had it's day. I mean COME ON!


this site is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by or under the approval of NBC or the Conan O'Brien show. Although it should be Seeing as how I was turfed without thought or consideration seven weeks before my wife gives birth to our second child, but regardless, Conan has not approved this site and it bites my ass just to have to validate his sorry ass to even mention that I could possibly even need his approval. The bastard.

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