Concerning the Oracle 

Conan OBrien is a bad man. He is a tall, red-headed, sardonically irreverant, bad man.

And not to be politically incorrect, he is also a bad human being.

I mean give me a break. This guy has been riding on the coattails of 'Marge vs. the Monorail' for almost 15 years now. GET A LIFE BUDDY! Yah, big man with the doctor/lawyer parents and the Dennis Leary cousin syndrome!

Listen Mr. Freckles. I used to be your best writer. I made you who you are! I brought you the glory! I made you the celebrity you are today. And what have you done for me lately? What have you invested in my future and the future of my unborn child? Jack Squ**! That's what.


I was . . . but I guess that is how that sentense will end. I was.

I was.

this site is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by or under the approval of NBC or the Conan O'Brien show. Although it should be Seeing as how I was turfed without thought or consideration seven weeks before my wife gives birth to our second child, but regardless, Conan has not approved this site and it bites my ass just to have to validate his sorry ass to even mention that I could possibly even need his approval. The bastard.

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